Is This Goodbye?

So it takes a lot of time (usually at least two or three hours) to write long posts here on this blog. In recent weeks and months, I have starting working on some other special projects.

One or two of these projects are top secret.

For the time being, I won’t be able to keep writing here as often as I have. Back in January I initiated a campaign to unleash a fury of new posts and although I am writing more than ever, most of it is now happening outside of my old stomping grounds.

There are some great advantages to having a personal blog, but at this point it’s either time to gird up or go home. And in this case, I have quietly decided to withdraw.

So What Can You Expect From This Blog?

  • More infrequent and less formal writing
  • Tragic neglect and creeping obsolescence
  • Something less like stunning prose and more like eerie silence

What Can You Expect Elsewhere

  • Tiny miniature thoughts daily over at my newfangled microblog
  • Incessant and mind-numbing tweets
  • World-class articles on faith and creativity over at the 360 Blog

One day I’ve love to finish my top ten Biblical metaphors series.

One day I’ll probably have a need to write longer articles that no longer fit on the other places that I write for.

One day I might revive, resurrect, or revamp this blogging format that has been so kind to me the past two years.

That day is not today.

Every good story has a beginning and end. The beginning is always the most exciting. The air is thick with potential, you can almost taste it. The characters don’t know where they are going or how it’s all going to end up. It’s riveting.

But there comes a time for a proper ending. Often times these endings leave us unsatisfied. A rushed ending might not wrap up all the remaining questions. There is perhaps no good way to end a story, except with the beginning of another one.

This blog is ending. It may continue on in some shape or another, but it will not be the same as it was. It’s not a sad ending, but it is an ending. And although endings are not as exhilarating as beginnings, often times they are much more meaningful.

Thank you for reading🙂

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